Saturday, September 24, 2011

TCU Smashes Portland State 55-13

(Keith Robinson Photography)

The Frogs played one of their most complete games of the season today and secured their 22nd straight home victory as they took care of Portland State 55-13 in front of an announced crowd of more than 33,000…More on that later. Let’s start with the good stuff.

- As I do most of the time, it stars with the quarterback. Casey Pachall was 14-of-20 for 214 yards, 3 TD’s, and 1 interception. Pachall looked good and controlled the game outside of the one interception. The pass that was picked off should have never been thrown. I get excited to watch the guy play every game, he is simply a baller. Pachall has thrown at least one touchdown in all four games this season and has thrown 2 or more in three out of the four games.

- TCU was without Ed Wesley once again but it didn’t matter as it was Waymon James’ time to shine. James had 136 rushing yards on 10 carries and had a spectacular 65 yard rushing touchdown. Waymon also added an 82 yard kickoff return for a touchdown just for good measure to finish with 218 all purpose yards.

- It was also a coming out party for Skye Dawson as it was by far his best game as a Frog. Dawson caught 8 balls for 111 yards and 2 touchdowns. Dawson also added a 42 yard punt return which set up a late first half TD for the Frogs.

- The key point of this game was closing out the second quarter. TCU scored three touchdowns in 1:18 to take a commanding 24-3 lead into half time. I absolutely loved the tunnel screen to Josh Boyce for the 66 yard touchdown. The tunnel screen is one of my favorite plays in all of football, it was setup perfectly. Boyce finished with 94 yards on 6 receptions.

- This was the best performance by the TCU defense to this point. The Frogs only allowed 295 total yards and forced a turnover.

- Tank Carder looked to be back in old form as he picked off a pass in the second quarter and returned it for a touchdown for his second career pick six.

- Chuck Hunter started at nose tackle and looked good. He has a solid future in front of him as a Horned Frog.

It wouldn’t be an Angry Trey game review without a couple problems and concerns.

- I get the feeling that this TCU defense is a slow starter. The first couple of series in every game seem to be a little shaky, but they get it together as they game goes on. This could be a problem when TCU faces a team that comes out of the gate fast. They could see themselves in a big hole early.

- According to the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram, starting linebacker Tanner Brock is out for the rest of the season with a foot injury. It’s a huge loss for TCU as Brock was the Frog’s leading tackler last season, but I think Kenny Cain can fill in and get the job done.

- Also, Angry Trey’s sources say that RB/WR Ethan Grant’s football career is over due to head injury concerns. It’s a shame that a student athlete’s career has been cut short due to an injury, but it wasn’t worth the risk.

- What is up with the fans that are supposed to sit in the middle section of the west side? The two pictures below are from the beginning of the previous two games. See anything missing? You should because the fans aren’t there!!! This is beginning to become a joke. If the people don’t fill those seats next week for SMU, then TCU might need to reconsider their ticket situation. It really is embarrassing.

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Thankfully this two game stretch of ULM and Portland State is over with. SMU comes to town next Saturday and it should be a really good game. It actually concerns me and it wouldn’t shock me if it came down to the wire. We have all week to talk about that though, TCU fans can enjoy this victory unlike last week’s ugly win.


  1. Fairweather frog fans, lol, old habits die hard I suppose, cmon west side yuppies, pull it together! We won the flippin rose bowl earlier this year!!!

  2. I just dont understand why its that entire section of seats from the 20 to the 20.

  3. I've heard from a lot of West Side fans that they think its too hot for them, their wife, and children. (Insert eye roll).

    If you arent going to show up, then give your ticket to someone who would actually love to be there, rather than make your whole fan base look bad,

  4. Its been hot, but it hasnt been that hot, especially against ULM. Weather was great that day.

  5. I think it all goes back to the MWC argument that our fans just don't want to put down their beers for an opponent they care nothing about.