Friday, August 26, 2011

Two Football Games Isn’t a Network

If a network launches and nobody can see it, do you still call it a network? The controversial Longhorn Network will go on the air this evening and they are still without major carriers. The best part about is, its looks like some of the major cable and satellite providers aren’t buying into the hype either.

As for DirecTV, spokesman Robert Mercer said that while discussions have taken place, "we have no plans right now to carry it. We understand Longhorn has other programming that may be of value to a small segment of our customers, but two UT football games do not constitute a network."

All non-Longhorn fans in the state of Texas need to continue calling their providers and let them know that you want no part of the Longhorn Network.The longer people can keep the LHN off of major cable and satellite providers the better.

1 comment:

  1. Doesn't sound like it'll be an issue. As long as the only games the Longhorn Network gets are non-conference games against schools like Rice no one will care enough to pick up the network, and any school worth watching play UT won't agree to only televise on that network