Tuesday, January 22, 2013


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Thursday, July 12, 2012

JoePa's Legacy Forever Tarnished

I know this isn’t a TCU issue, but it is a college football issue so I feel like I should weigh in. We have all heard what went on with Jerry Sandusky and the children he molested. The criminal trial is over and justice has been served. Sandusky will never see the light of day. That wasn’t the final chapter in the Penn State saga though. Today, Louis Freeh, the former director of the FBI who was hired by university trustees to look into this scandal released his findings, and it’s disgusting. 

One sentence from the report sums up the entire report and shows what kind of person Joe Paterno really is…”Four of the most powerful people at the Pennsylvania State University- President Graham B. Spanier, Senior Vice President- Finance and Business Gary C. Schultz, Athletic Director Timothy M. Curley, and Head Football Coach Joseph V. Paterno- failed to protect against a child sexual predator harming children for over a decade.” 

That sentence makes my stomach churn. I had always though Joe Paterno was extremely overrated, but this takes it outside the realm of football and into something much deeper. Joe Paterno isn’t the all-time winningest college football coach, he is a criminal and will always be linked to child molestation in my book. JoePa was more concerned about money and winning than he was the wellbeing of others. He pulled the wool over everyone’s eyes for years. The sickest part is we all know this didn’t just start in 1998. Who knows how long Joe Paterno let this go on. 

A lot of people are now calling for Penn State to receive the death penalty and I agree completely. I don’t care if this is outside the realm of the NCAA or whatever. Something needs to be done. If any school has ever deserved the death penalty, it is Penn State. I’ve also heard people say, “well you shouldn’t punish the current Penn State coaches and athletes, they had nothing to do with it.”  Where were those people when the current USC players and coaches were punished because of Reggie Bush? How about all the other instances where players were punished for something someone no longer on the team did? It happens all the time. 

Hopefully Penn State does the right thing and totally cleans house. Everyone needs to be fired and the University needs to restart its athletic department from scratch. They also need to rip down that Joe Paterno statue ASAP because it’s embarrassing. 

Joe Paterno’s legacy is forever ruined, and deservedly so.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Top Ten Moments In TCU's MWC History #5: TCU 47, Utah 7

It was a battle of top five teams as the #3 ranked Horned Frogs strolled into Salt Lake City to take on #5 Utah (#5 vs. #6 in BCS.) The hype built all week long. ESPN’s College Gameday was broadcasting outside of Rice-Eccles Stadium. It was billed as the biggest game in Mountain West Conference history. The second largest crowd in Utah school history was on hand. The Utes had the black out in full effect. Everyone thought it would be the game of the week, but really…it was over after the first quarter. To read more, go to FrogsOWar.com

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

There's Only One Thing Left to Do

If you are a TCU fan you have heard the smack talk from opposing fans that goes something like…TCU can’t even fill its own stadium, TCU uses opposing fans to fill Among G. Carter, TCU will never go to a BCS bowl, TCU wouldn’t survive being in a "real" conference…I could go on and on. To read more, go to FrogsOWar.com.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Don't Be Surprised That Aaron Green Chose TCU

Over the weekend highly recruited running back Aaron Green announced he would be transferring from Nebraska to TCU. It’s a big time pickup for the Frogs, and I know TCU fans are excited, but should you really be that surprised that Green chose TCU? 

To read more, head over to FrogsOWar.com.

I'm Taking My Talents to FrogsOWar.com

Sometimes change is needed. 

There is a big change coming to AngryTrey.com starting today. I have decided to take my talents to FrogsOWar.com. All of my TCU related content can now be found exclusively on Frogs O War

I will still be posting on AngryTrey.com it just won’t be TCU related. I will still blog about the Mavs, uniforms, and other things over here occasionally, but all my TCU thoughts and info will be on FrogsOWar.com. I will post links on here to my other stuff so you can easily find it, but you should go ahead and add FrogsOWar.com to your bookmark list. 

Thanks to everyone that has checked out the blog over the last couple of years. It turned into something I never thought it would. Now it’s time to take another step and make the coverage of the Horned Frogs even better.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

ESPN TCU Roundtable

Monday, May 7, 2012

The Carter Almost Sold Out

The seat selection process for the new Amon G. Carter stadium is still underway, but there aren’t many seats left. The entire east side and north end zone are now sold out. There looks to be less than a hundred seats remaining on the west side and I expect those to go fast. 

I knew the Big 12 would bring added excitement to the program, but I never expected season ticket renewals to go like this. Never in a million years did I think the east side would sell out. I feel bad for those that haven’t picked yet, but it is awesome to see the entire stadium almost sold out completely before even one game is played. 

Now if we can just keep those extra tickets off of stubhub, we will be ok.